Who Won?


The college basketball season ended this week with the National championship game. Millions of people watched the game. There was lots of hype for the tournament and that game in particular.

Millions of other people did not even know the game was being played. Was it important? I guess that depends on your point of view.

All the many other teams ended their season with a loss. Many fans lost interest as their team dropped out of the tournament. Some fans did not start watching until the end. They were only interested in who won.

They wanted to know who was number one.

Some teams were disappointed when their team lost. Middle Tennessee was unranked and upset a top team. It made their season. I believe they were happy even when they lost their next game. Everybody has their point of view.

Have you seen the picture of the dogs standing at the window looking out at the street? The caption says, “We protected our house from the mailman 24 times, twelve cats, six UPS drivers, and three plastic bags all in one month and nobody seems to care.”

These illustrations show how the circumstances can affect your feelings and how you see the world.

On a trail run, or hiking in the woods, you see many sights. Some are beautiful sights that are only seem from that spot. Others are things only seen for the moment.  It is like the clouds. You see something, and they move, and the picture is gone.

You have to take advantage of the moment to see the beauty. You have to have your eyes open and ready to see God’s beautiful world.

A friend of mine, prays for his spiritual eyes to be open to see God’s message and beauty that He has for you.

Who won? Who wins? You do if you are watching to see what God has for you today. He has something special for each person. It is not just for the number one or the best person. God loves you, and He cares about every detail in your life. Be a winner today.


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