What is a Host or Hostess?

When you go to a run, the first host is usually the one helping cars to park. He is there to direct the attendees. The next one would be the person directing the runners to the table for their numbers. Each of these persons are volunteers trying to make each person feel welcome.

Last weekend we visited friends in Virginia. Miss Kate was an excellent hostess. She is six years old. She showed us to our room. Showed the rest room to use. When it was time to eat, she went around to tell each person dinner was ready. Then she pointed out our seats. She was doing all those things to make us feel welcome into their home.

At church, there is often a person in the parking lot to help visitors find a good spot. Then there is usually a greeter at the door, to make them feel welcome.

There are other hostesses. At a meeting, a special dinner, or rally, there is a person there to give you directions, and there to help you with any questions.

You can be a host or hostess. If you look around at home, or church, or at school, you can be a friend or host to make that new person feel comfortable in that new situation. You will be glad you did.


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