What Did You Learn in School?

During the Christmas season, you will use many of the things that you learned in school.  Are you ready?

You used the arithmetic to count down the days until Christmas. That is always slow, but fun. Then you had to use math to figure out how much money you had to spend on each of your three friends, when mom gave you $25.00.

History was learned when you were helping Grandma decorate her Christmas tree. She told you the history of each ornament. Like the funny looking one that your mom made in kindergarten, a couple of years ago.

You use your athletic skills from PE to be the first one into the living room on Christmas morning. But the sportsmanship was harder. You had to sit and wait your turn, while the others opened their Christmas gifts. You had to cheer for them and wiggle, waiting to open that package that you knew you wanted and begged for months ago.

The language arts was telling everybody about the Christmas you and your cousin were making Christmas cookies. Remember?  The bowl flipped, accidentally of course, and the sticky dough went everywhere. That new puppy was there before the bowl hit the ground and was wiggling all over while gobbling up as  much of that treat as he could get. It is much funnier now than it was at the time.

The music skills were used at the candlelight service on Christmas eve. That is always a special time of quiet celebration. And the best song is singing Happy Birthday to Jesus as a prayer with the family before you open presents on Christmas morning.

Education is important.  And the best education you received is about Jesus.

Christmas is a time to celebrate the birthday of Jesus. But it is more than that. It is knowing that you can receive God’s free gift of salvation when you thank Jesus for dying on the cross for your sins and put your faith in Him.

The best Christmas ever is when you know that Jesus not only died for the whole world, but you know that He did that for YOU. Then you can really celebrate the true meaning of Christmas.


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