Who Are You?

When you go to a run, there several groups of people. Where do you fit?

The first group are the racers. They are there to be the overall winner of the race. They train for that one race. They may only prepare all out for one or two races a year. They are not satisfied unless they win.

The next group is the runners. They are there to run. They love to run, and are at a run every chance they get. They enjoy the crowd. They work hard and have a good time. They see the sights, maybe take pictures, at least before and after the run.

They enjoy the fellowship, the food, and the crowd.

Then there are the competitors. They could be the frontrunners, or the middle of the pack, or even near the end. But they are there to be the best that they can be. They have fun, but they do their best to beat that one person, or that best time. They love competition.

There are also the participants. They are there for the cause like the Cancer society, the United Way, or other charitable group. They may run, but most just walk and talk and enjoy helping raise money and interest for the cause.

This is true on the job as well. Some love their job and their work is their life. Some lawyers love presenting their case before a jury. They want to convince the listeners about their beliefs.

A stone mason builds a beautiful fireplace, and wants others to enjoy the beauty. A craftsman builds a special cabinet, and wants others to enjoy their detailed work.

Workers in a plant may put one part on a car, or one section in the carpet, but they can be proud of beautiful finished product that they had a part in producing.

A farmer produces tasty crops, and a gardner raises beautiful flowers.

Others enjoy the work, and work hard. They may not always see the finished product, but they do their part. They also enjoy the work community. They grow friendships, and lasting relationships.

Some just put in their time. They do the work, but it does not mean much to them. They just want a paycheck. Their heart is just not it that particular activity.

Church folks can be like that also. Some love church, they enjoy the teaching, the sharing, and the fellowship of others of like mind. They may be the leaders.

Others may not be the leaders, but they love the Lord, and their Christian life. They are totally living the Christian life in everything that they do. You can see Christ is the center of their life.

Sadly, some are just participants. They are there, but it is just an activity to them.

Who are you? Are you all in? Are you working to be a part of the team? Do you love what you are doing? Are you living the life God has for you?

God wants you to love your job, your life, and your church. He wants you to enjoy all of life and the Christian life. Do not be just a spectator, you will miss great peace and joy.

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