Happy Trails to You

This weekend there was a trail run.  Trail runs are much different than running on a road.  And it does not matter if you are doing a 5K or a marathon,  they are much more work.

The trail run usually starts out on a gravel road and works its way around to the woods and the hills.  In running terminology it is called technical.  The more technical it is,  the tougher it is.

Trails have holes,  grass clumps,  branches,  rocks,  ruts,  and shadows that all make the course more difficult.  The usual things like hills and turns also slow you down.

All these challenges make it more important to concentrate on where you step.  And how fast you can run.  Safety is more important than time.  Other runners say things like, “Runner left!”  to let you know that they are there,  and are passing on the left side.  This is because you do not hear them when they come up behind you.

Every course is different.  Even if you run laps,  you have to watch each step every time around.

Every mile seems to get longer.

Life is a lot like a trail run.  Some days go well for you.  Things seem to glide along . Life is easy and a lot of fun. Your classes are interesting and easy.

Other times there are challenges.  They seem to come in bunches.  Life is full of rocks,  and  holes,  and difficult distractions along the way.

During those difficult times,  each step is work.  You have to concentrate and it is not as much fun.

Some classes you have to struggle to pay attention and work to learn.

All of those obstacles are a part of the course.  You have to travel that way to reach the goal.  After the run is over,  those things do not seem as important or difficult.    You are proud that you overcame those tough spots.

So,  on a run or in life,  each day is a new experience and a new challenge. Be prepared and keep working to reach that goal.  You will be surprised and pleased in the end.  God has a special plan for you, and each hurdle along the way was there for a reason.


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