Structure and Function

By Dr. Daniel C. Batchelor

I’ve been a runner since I was twelve years of age. During that time, I have suffered from back pain and heartburn. When I went to my chiropractor to have my back fixed, I noticed something peculiar. When my back pain was corrected, my heartburn disappeared. I didn’t think my back had anything to do with my stomach at the time but I quickly connected the dots.

Most patients that enter my clinic do so as a result of an ache or pain. They are usually surprised to learn that some other symptom improves after their back condition has been corrected.

When the general public thinks of chiropractic, they typically associate it with back pain, but as I quickly learned early in life, the doctor of chiropractic is, more importantly, a doctor of the nervous system.

The nerves that control the body are encased in the spinal column and when one or more of the twenty-four vertebra rotate slightly out of position, a nerve that exits between the vertebra can become irritated. If that nerve controls the stomach, the stomach is affected. All the organs of the body are controlled directly or indirectly by the nervous system.

The most common statements that patients have made to me after their neck and back pain had been corrected are:

“I can breathe better. Did fixing my back have anything to do with my breathing?”

“My blood sugar level is normal now. Do you think what you did affected my blood sugar?”

“I used to have acid reflux, but I don’t have it since you started treating me.”

“I noticed that colors are brighter than they were before you began treating me.”

“I can hear out of my right ear now after years of hearing loss. Did fixing my neck fix my hearing?”

“I used to have knee pain but since you helped me with my back, my knee pain is gone.”

“I had pain in my ovary for years but since I came here the pain is gone. Why?”

“My sinus condition always gets better after you treat me.”

“I came in for neck pain, but when you fixed my neck my headaches went away.”

“I can work out longer now without getting so tired like I did before you treated me.”

“The numbness I had in my foot for years is gone now after you fixed my back.”

“I noticed that I am more relaxed at home and work since you treated me.”

“I can sleep more deeply now since you treated me.”

“Sex is much better now since you fixed my lower back pain.”

“I used to have bad allergies, but now since you’ve treated me, my allergies are non-existent.”

“My shoulder, elbow and carpal tunnel pain disappeared when you fixed my neck.”

Since I’ve treated thousands of patients over the past thirty years, there are thousands of similar statements. Like I’ve said before, structure and function are intertwined and they never shall be apart.

Roswell,  GA Chiropractor Dr. Dan Batchelor is Metro Atlanta’s top doctor/athlete.  He is the winner of over 350 endurance races and has treated thousands of patients over three decades.  Be the best you can be. Let the doctor who practices what he preaches show you how.  770-992-2002



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