Are You Ready for the Fall Colors?

The leaves are ready to change colors. It is a beautiful sight to see. Many people will be driving to the mountains during the next few weekends to see all the amazing colors.

The leaves do not decide what color they want to be. They tell us that the amount of rain determines the rainbow of colors. The more rain, the greater the range of colors.

It is like, at New Years, many people decide to change. They make resolutions. They will start exercising, eat less, lose weight, stop a habit, or many other things like that. Those resolutions are nice, but the follow through does not last long.

The color change is from the inside. The change in a person is also from the inside.

Reading the Bible, going to church. and things like that help the inside. The more you allow God to do the changing, the more He can do. Like the song says, He makes all things beautiful. When He changes the inside, you and those around you, will see the change on the outside.

So enjoy the beautiful fall colors in the world around you. And watch for the beautiful changes inside you and others, also.


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