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Georgia Runner’s Online MagazineGeorgia Runner’s Online Magazine has considerably more information on running than just a calendar.  We also offer some great articles, training tips and special interest stories on the Run and See Georgia Grand Prix Series and its runners.  Our e-magazine includes special articles by guest writers such as Dr. Dan Batchelor, Scott Ludwig, Benny Wade, “Bob Slowpants”, Jennifer Bonn, “Tobi”, and others;  as well as photos from runners/photographers around the state, featuring Don McClellan’s PhotoShows.

Chiropractic Sports Medicine – Dr. Dan Batchelor

Don’s PhotoShows – Don McClellan

Georgia Road Race Records – Joyce K. Hodges-Hite, USATF State Records Keeper

Georgia Runner Profile – Bob Slowpants

Notes, Quotes, Anecdotes and Such – Benny B. Wade

On the Run – Jennifer Bonn

Running Through My Mind – Scott Ludwig


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