How Are You?

Have you ever gotten a splinter in your foot? It sure can hurt. You do not want mom to touch it. You know that she has to dig into your foot to get it out . You also know that doing that will be painful. So first choice is to keep her away from it.

You do everything you can tom keep from telling her. But you know that it will not get really better until she digs it out. It does not take long for mom to notice that you are limping. And you sure do not want to go to the doctor. That seems even worse. But sometimes that is necessary.

Either way the pain gets worse all the time. You know that something has to be done to clean the wound. Aspirin just delays the pain.

Emotional wounds can be just like that. Someone said something, or did something that hurt you. They may have done it on purpose, or they might not even know what they said. But it still hurts.

Just as the physical wound has to be treated to get better, the emotional wound has to be treated also. You can try to hide it, but that is hard to do. And it gets harder to do with time. You tell others that it is okay, but the pain is still there.

God understands, and He cares about those pains. You can talk to Him about the problem. He can clean any wound that you have.

Others around you know that something is bothering you. You get mad at them for no reason. They want to help, but they are not sure what to do to help you. And it can be hard to explain to them what it is.

So whether you have a physical or emotional wound, get it treated before it gets infected. It will only be harder to treat, if you wait longer. Time does not heal a wound like that. Time brings the infection, and makes it worse.


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