Happy Mother’s Day

This Sunday is the day we celebrate Mothers’ Day. It is a day to honor your mother. What are you going to do?

There are many things that children do to honor their mother. The favorite thing is usually flowers. Many people order flowers for their mother. It is done for mothers that live out of town. There are many beautiful flower arrangements available.

Some kids make breakfast in bed for mom. That can be a challenge. Sometimes moms are surprised, or eat some unusual food.

The thought means more than the items prepared.

Some young people do extra chores or other jobs for mom. Some go out of the way to be extra nice to mom.

Some classes in school, the students make cards for mom. Hand made makes them better, and more appreciated. The feelings are special for mom.

The best thing you could do for mom is to go to church with her. She likes to show off her special kids. It is also important for her to see her children in church. It is even better if they are glad to be there.

So hope to see you in church this Sunday.


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