Fiction or Nonfiction?

Nonfiction is a true story. Fiction is a story that does not have to be true. A story or novel is written for entertainment. It may contain some true parts, but it is written for pleasure and not as history.

History books are expected to be accurate to the truth. Sometimes the author has to fill in some details because of circumstances. Maybe the person died, or something happened that no one knew about.

Newspapers are chronicles of what happened. A writer tells what they saw, or records what someone else saw happen. You can go back in time and read about past events.

Sometimes emotions affect the story. Two boys telling mom what happened could be two different stories. Just as at a ballgame the team that you like can affect the way you see an official’s call.

So, when you read a book or listen to someone tell a story, you have to decide what you believe. Your faith in the author will determine what you believe.

The Bible is not a history book, but it does tell some history. It contains science and teachings about other things.

If Christians believe the Bible is God’s Word, then they should believe it totally. God was there when everything happened. He does not have to guess. He knows all the details.

You must trust God and believe the Bible. You can have faith in Him. You decide how much faith you have and who to believe. Sounds simple. It was meant to be that way. He wants everybody to believe in Jesus and accept His gift of forgiveness of sin. You decide – fiction or nonfiction?

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