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Georgia Runner Event Timing uses the state-of-the-art Jaguar RFID chip timing system by Innovative Timing Systems for road race timing and results.

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How does the Jaguar chip timing system work?

  • The Jaguar system uses a disposable timing chip that is attached to a runner’s race bib.
  • The disposable chip requires no battery… is light as a feather… and has a built-in
    microprocessor that ensures maximum reads even during the most challenging of conditions.
  • And because our timing chips are inexpensive and disposable, you don’t have to hassle with collecting them at the end of the race.
  • The name, time and information (hometown, team, etc., if available) on each individual runner comes up on a 42-inch TV screen as the runner approaches the finish.
  • A finish- line announcer (we have professionals on our staff) can identify the runners and encourage them by name.
  • Special messages from family and friends can greet the runner at the finish, also!
  • There is an optional second TV that allows the runners to see themselves as they cross the finish line.
  • Complete overall and age group results within minutes of the conclusion of the event… even before the last runner crosses the finish line in many cases.
  • A large digital display clock shows the event time at the finish line.
  • The Jaguar RFID chip timing system provides fast, accurate, real-time results.

The following are just a sample of the services we can provide when chip timing your event:

  • Chips already programmed and assigned to your runners
  • On-site race day registration available
  • Online registration through the ITS YOUR RACE website (no cost to the event and low-cost convenience fees to registering runners) or the ITS YOUR RACE app for Apple or Android
  • Finish line photos through ITS YOUR RACE and the app, including low-res photos which can be downloaded for free and shared to Facebook or Twitter and hi-res photos which can be purchased.
  • Real-time finisher reports as often as you like during the race
  • Real-time race updates for fans and families on their web enabled cell phones with the ITS YOUR RACE app, available for Apple or Android phones or tablets.
  • Complete finish line structures including finish line truss, cones and barriers.
  • Portable PA sound system with wireless microphones and race music
  • Portable power generators to power the finish line equipment
  • Large screen displays at the finish line with race video and results posted in real-time
  • Final finisher reports in HTML, text, Excel or PDF format
  • Complete race results in files that can be read by Microsoft Excel or Word
  • Web site and app updates with final race results

Not quite ready to upgrade to chip timing?  We can still help!

Timing and results the old-fashioned way, using finish cards and/or pull tags with barcodes. We provide finish chute, display clock, electronic timing, age-group baskets for sorting finish cards, overall/masters and age-group winner results on race day (complete results within 24 hours of the race). Available for races with 500 or fewer runners.

We have the experience, equipment, and staff to help you put on a world-class event.  Instead of having to spend thousands of dollars on all the typical support gear, we can provide everything you need.

To request a quote or to speak to us about your event, call us at (678) 214-5194, or click on the link below to send us an email requesting more information.

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Georgia Runner recommends ITS YOUR RACE for online event registration.

Its Your Race

To request a quote or to speak to us about your event, call us at (678) 214-5194, or click on the link below to send us an email requesting more information.

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