Enoch Walked With God

Everybody knows about Moses and Noah. They were men from the Bible that did great things for God. Most people could tell you many things about their life, and the things that they did.

The Bible tells about many other people that, through the years, were used by God to accomplish important jobs.

The Bible does not say much about what Enoch did. There are only a couple of verses that mention his name. But it does say that he walked with God.

What does that mean? Today you would say that he had a good testimony. Everybody would describe him as a good Christian man.

Enoch would be a man that you could trust. He would be one that you would expect to do the right thing even when no one else was around. We call that having integrity.

You know people like that. They are not the people that everybody notices. They do not do things to get attention. They just live the Christian life each day.

Who do you know life that? You may have to think about that for awhile. Look around today, and see if you can name some people who live their life like that. You want to use those people as role models for your life.

They are not perfect, but they want to serve God, And they want to be an example to show others about Jesus. Your actions come first. Your words mean more when the actions are right. Walk with God today.


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