Celebrate Labor Day

This weekend is Labor Day. It is a holiday to celebrate the workers in our country.

Labor is work for hire. That means that someone is paid to do work. It can be many different things. When you work, you are paid wages. Wages are not a gift. They are what you earn.

Have you seen a house being built in your neighborhood. It takes many people to build a house. It takes many different skills.

They build a foundation. Then someone builds the walls. From there it takes plumbers, carpenters, and other skilled craftsmen to finish the construction of a house. The workers can be proud of the work that they have done. It feels good to finish a project together.

When it is done, they have a beautiful new house for a family to live in together.The family adds pictures and other personal items that make it a home.

A gift is something different. A gift is something that you give to someone. It may be a birthday gift, a Christmas, gift, a wedding gift, or maybe an I love you gift because you care about someone.

That person must receive the gift. Have you offered someone a piece of candy, and they said no thank you? It may be because they do not like that kind of candy. Or may be that they cannot eat candy, or some other reason. Either way it is their choice to say yes or no.

The Bible talks about this subject in the Book of Romans. In chapter six and verse twenty three it says, For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Because of sin, each person deserves death. It has been earned. But nobody wants those wages.

But God has a gift for you instead. That gift is eternal life. But like any gift, it must be received. Some people choose to say no to God’s gift. It may be because of pride, or some other reason, but it is their choice.

So on Labor Day, think about the work you do. Be proud that you can and do work for something. Enjoy your wages.

But then be sure that you have received God’s great gift for you. Do not be one of those that has chosen to make excuses. That would be sad. He has offered the best I love you gift ever. Receive it today.


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