Are You an Atlanta Brave?

You wear an Atlanta Braves hat. Maybe you wear a Braves shirt. You see people all the time with a Braves shirt, with the name on the back. They are big Braves fans. They even go to lots of Atlanta Braves games.

Have you seen a young ballplayer at the Little league park? He bats like his favorite player, he walks like him, and he has all the motions. He wears his uniform just the way the real player does. He wants to be just like him. He dreams of one day being on the real team. But he is just an imitation.

Are you a Christian? You can dress like a Christian, talk like a Christian, and try to behave like a Christian. But that does not make you a Christian? You can do all those things and that is good. But it does not make you a Christian.

Not everybone can be a Major league ballplayer. It takes talent, skills, and wisdom to be picked to be on a major league team. You must meet the qualifications. Even to be a bat boy for the day, you must be picked. You wear a uniform for the day and sure look like one of the players.

To be a Christian, you must meet qualifications, also. You must be perfect. Only one person was able to do that. It was Jesus. He died on the cross, was buried and rose again. When you ask Him to forgive your sin, He becomes your substitute and gives you the gift of eternal life.

Just like that bat boy did not earn the right to be on the team, it was a gift. They did not expect him to be a major league player. God does not expect you to be perfect either. He loves you and wants you to be on the team.  So, join today.  You will be glad that you did.


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