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What is a Host or Hostess?

When you go to a run, the first host is usually the one helping cars to park. He is there to direct the attendees. The next one would be the person directing the runners to the table for their numbers. Each of these persons are volunteers trying to make each person feel welcome. Last weekend […]

Are You an Atlanta Brave?

You wear an Atlanta Braves hat. Maybe you wear a Braves shirt. You see people all the time with a Braves shirt, with the name on the back. They are big Braves fans. They even go to lots of Atlanta Braves games. Have you seen a young ballplayer at the Little league park? He bats […]

Fiction or Nonfiction?

Nonfiction is a true story. Fiction is a story that does not have to be true. A story or novel is written for entertainment. It may contain some true parts, but it is written for pleasure and not as history. History books are expected to be accurate to the truth. Sometimes the author has to […]

What Did You Learn in School?

During the Christmas season, you will use many of the things that you learned in school.  Are you ready? You used the arithmetic to count down the days until Christmas. That is always slow, but fun. Then you had to use math to figure out how much money you had to spend on each of […]

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