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Who Won?

The college basketball season ended this week with the National championship game. Millions of people watched the game. There was lots of hype for the tournament and that game in particular. Millions of other people did not even know the game was being played. Was it important? I guess that depends on your point of […]

It Is Time for the Daytona 500

The Daytona 500 is the highlight of the year for NASCAR fans. It is the first race of the year, but it is the super bowl for racing. It is more than just a race. The fans spend hours and even days anticipating the event. There is tailgating and lots activities surrounding the race itself. […]

Why Did You Start Running?

A friend said he decided to lose some weight. So he started running and started watching what he was eating. A friend invited him to a 5K run. After he did the first one, he met some people and decided to do more. He soon became a member of the family of runners. A lady […]


Who Are You? When you go to a run, there several groups of people. Where do you fit? The first group are the racers. They are there to be the overall winner of the race. They train for that one race. They may only prepare all out for one or two races a year. They […]


That Is Going To Leave a Mark That is a popular saying now. It happens when someone falls, or trips, or some other thing happens. It is not fun to see. It is not much fun to be the one it happens to either. A runner falls, and someone rushes to help them get up […]

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