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Enoch Walked With God

Everybody knows about Moses and Noah. They were men from the Bible that did great things for God. Most people could tell you many things about their life, and the things that they did. The Bible tells about many other people that, through the years, were used by God to accomplish important jobs. The Bible […]

Celebrate Labor Day

This weekend is Labor Day. It is a holiday to celebrate the workers in our country. Labor is work for hire. That means that someone is paid to do work. It can be many different things. When you work, you are paid wages. Wages are not a gift. They are what you earn. Have you […]

How Are You?

Have you ever gotten a splinter in your foot? It sure can hurt. You do not want mom to touch it. You know that she has to dig into your foot to get it out . You also know that doing that will be painful. So first choice is to keep her away from it. […]

How Can the Braves Win the World Series?

How can you run faster? How can you lose some weight? There is one basic answer that will accomplish all of these goals. Words mean something. Words are important. Words have meanings, and can impact your life. Your words tell people a lot about you. Your words can help or hurt someone. Even the way […]

Happy Mother’s Day

This Sunday is the day we celebrate Mothers’ Day. It is a day to honor your mother. What are you going to do? There are many things that children do to honor their mother. The favorite thing is usually flowers. Many people order flowers for their mother. It is done for mothers that live out […]

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